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Hey you, beautiful stranger, welcome! My name is Olga Barrows. I was born and raised in Yekaterinburg, Russia. I have lived there up until I was 21 years old. After that, I packed up and moved to Vancouver, Canada, where I finished my degree in Sociology, worked as a journalist and as an events manager, relocated to Buenos Aires and back again, got married, moved to Toronto and back yet again to Vancouver, travelled the world some more, finished my MA in Counselling Psychology, had another kid, started my private counselling practice. As time goes by, my location and hair colour might change, but I hope to continue writing and imprinting my experience into words and memories – into stories.

I write in English and Russian.

If you want to get in touch, drop me a line:




Don’t feed the monster. My experience with drug addictions.

Miscarriage: What no one talks about

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My year 2014 in 30 books

Breezing through the West Coast


Неотправленные Письма

Екатеринбург. Мой город-призрак.

Перу. Разноцветное. Теплое. Горное.

Агата Кристи. Время невинности.

Тутто Бене. Итальянская мозаика.

Мой 2014 год – в 30 книгах

Нелюбовь. Или кратко – и про войну.

Мехико – город солнца

Аргентина. Без каблуков.

Город Н.Й.

Женщина и мамонт. Путешествие в Хабаровск.


Буэнос-Айрес. Как правильно ездить в шкафу.

Ложка папайи. Бразильские записки.

Край географии. Сахалин, Шехерезада.

Край географии. Камчатка, космос.

Родители и дети. Отпустить с компасом в сердце.

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